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Fire Extinguisher Servicing Cheshire

fire extinguisher servicing cheshire

Top-Rated Fire Extinguisher Servicing in Cheshire, UK

With over 24+ years of solid fire industry and fire & rescue service experience, Francis Fire Limited is proud to be a leading provider of portable fire extinguisher servicing in Cheshire, UK. Our extensive industry knowledge and dedication to safety have propelled us to the forefront of fire safety services.

Contact us today at 01270 350 101 or fill out the contact form for all your fire extinguisher servicing needs in Cheshire.

Experience That Sets Us Apart

Our extensive experience makes all the difference at Francis Fire, the Cheshire Fire Extinguisher Company. With over 24+ years in the field, we are the trusted choice for fire extinguisher servicing. Our journey has given us valuable knowledge. We have encountered various fire safety changes over the years, which mean we know how to keep your place safe and fully fire extinguisher compliant.

Safety and Customer Service at the Core

At Francis Fire Limited, the Cheshire Fire Extinguisher Company, we don’t just provide a service but also prioritise your safety and customer satisfaction. We understand the critical importance of keeping your premises secure and compliant with fire safety regulations. Our emphasis on safety and top-notch customer service makes us your ideal partner.

Scheduling the facility assessment with the Cheshire Fire Extinguisher Company guarantees the following -

  • Our BAFE-approved experts check for the right type of extinguishers, depending on your business processes and fire risk types.
  • Our engineers ensure that all fire extinguishers are fully compliant to BS5306 Parts 3 & 8, operationally ready, and properly tamper tagged with the necessary information on a quality fire extinguisher servicing label and certificate.
  • Our Cheshire fire extinguisher servicing engineers ensures that fire extinguishers are correctly positioned throughout your place in line with each individual fire risk.
  • We verify that extinguisher labels have accurate information, including the last inspection date, when the next service is due and when a service exchange is required.
  • If our expert engineers find any issues, they provide recommendations for maintenance or replacement to keep your fire extinguishers intact and ready for immediate use – all our engineer electric vehicles are fully equipment and stocked with replacements.
cheshire fire extinguishers
fire extinguisher servicing cheshire

Essential Elements That We Include During Cheshire Fire Extinguisher Servicing

During fire extinguisher servicing at Francis Fire, several essential elements are included to ensure the equipment’s reliability and compliance with UK fire safety standards. These elements are thorough Visual Inspection, Guage Testing, Media Weight Loss Verification, Service Exchange, Certification, Environmental Responsibility and Regulatory Compliance.  

These elements collectively contribute to effective fire extinguisher servicing in Cheshire, ensuring that your fire safety critical equipment remains in optimal condition and ready for use in the event of a fire emergency, which could strike at any time.

Trustable Cheshire Fire Extinguisher Servicing For all Your Needs

It is essential to remember that fire extinguisher servicing should be conducted annually, with monthly visual self-checks. Our services are in full alignment with British Standards BS5306-3 & 8, The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, and your Fire Risk Assessment.

Additionally, our on-site inspections enable us to identify potential safety issues, such as blocked extinguishers or hard-to-reach equipment. Extinguishers in the wrong location. Addressing these concerns can significantly reduce the risk of fire-related damage and loss.

Hence, trust us to ensure the reliability of your fire extinguishers and to provide valuable insights that enhance your fire safety measures in Cheshire.

fire extinguisher company cheshire
fire extinguisher servicing cheshire
fire extinguisher servicing cheshire

Secure Your Safety with Cheshire Fire Extinguisher Servicing

Hire Our BAFE Experts

Francis Fire is your reliable choice for fire extinguisher servicing. as we have many years of experience. Our Director, Wayne Francis, and certified BAFE-approved engineer ensure that the company has the right certifications and follows all the rules while maintaining high-quality standards. Francis Fire follows the strictest industry guidelines, offering thorough and quality inspections and personalised expert advice to meet your specific business requirements. We are just a call away, so contact us at 01270 350 101, email at or fill out the contact form below.

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