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Fire Extinguisher Repair & Replacements

Leading Fire Extinguisher Repairs and Maintenance in Cheshire, UK

Francis Fire Limited the Cheshire Fire Extinguisher Company is the ideal destination for businesses seeking fire extinguisher repairs and maintenance services in their area. We have a highly experienced BAFE-approved engineers on hand to provide servicing, maintenance and repairs of all portable handheld fire extinguishers. Serving Cheshire businesses since 2019, we have become a 5-star Google company in Cheshire and are still providing the best standards at every opportunity.

Contact us today at 01270 350 101 or fill out the contact form for all your fire extinguisher repair and maintenance needs in Cheshire.

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Benefits of Fire Extinguisher Repairs and Maintenance Services

Why choose our Cheshire Fire Extinguisher Company?

Fire extinguishers are a crucial part of any business’s fire safety plan. But if they develop faults or don’t work at their best, there is a significant fire risk for your building. So, having the leading Cheshire Fire Extinguisher Company at your side benefits you in several ways –

Enhanced Safety

Our Regular annual servicing and maintenance ensures that your fire extinguishers are always in optimal working condition, ready to tackle potential fire emergencies effectively.

Cost Savings

Proactive regular annual servicing and maintenance can identify and address issues early, preventing costly repairs or the need for replacement too soon. 

Quick Response

Francis Fire Limited the Cheshire Fire Extinguisher Company operates 7-days per week and offers an out-of-hours on-call service, ensuring a rapid and efficient response when you need it most. 

Extended Lifespan

Proper maintenance can extend the lifespan of your overall fire extinguishers, maximising your fire safety investment. 

BAFE Approved Expert Fire Extinguisher Repairs at the Cheshire Fire Extinguisher Company

Have your fire extinguishers seen better days and you are in Cheshire? Do not wait until an emergency strikes. The Cheshire Fire Extinguisher Company specialise in fire extinguisher repairs and service exchanges in Cheshire and nearby areas. Our certified engineers are BAFE-approved and highly skilled in identifying and rectifying fire extinguisher issues promptly, normally on the same day, from minor fixes to more complex repairs. We use only high-quality manufacturer approved replacement parts, ensuring that your extinguisher is restored to full functionality.

5 Star Rated Maintenance Services at the Cheshire Fire Extinguisher Company

Regular maintenance and annual servicing are vital for your overall business fire safety and legal obligations. The Cheshire Fire Extinguisher Company offers comprehensive annual maintenance services that keep your fire extinguishers in tip-top shape. Our regular annual inspections, in line with British Standards BS5306-3 & 8, identifying potential problems before they become a critical issue. We conduct visual assessments, pressure gauge tests, structural inspections, and media weight loss checks to confirm that your extinguishers are always prepared for action.

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Hire the Comprehensive Fire Extinguisher Repairs and Service Maintenance Company in Cheshire.

Need Francis Fire the Cheshire Fire Extinguisher Company?

There are typical common faults with fire extinguishers, for example, low stored pressure levels, discharge hose and horn damage, rust, decay and weld issues, Pressure loss and O-ring seal failures that may prevent the extinguisher from fully functioning the next time it is required in a fire emergency. 

These are the reasons you need a fire extinguisher repair service provider in your Cheshire area that is fully certified, competently trained, insured, and has experience in extinguisher servicing, replacements, repairs, and maintenance, and the Cheshire Fire Extinguisher Company is just that. Hence, pick up your phone and call 01270 350 101, email or fill out the contact form below to get in touch with us ASAP.

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